External Site Monitoring Services

Monkey Test It – Free automated (no coding) website tester with scheduled checks/alerts as well as an API for easy CI system integration. Detects issues in JavaScript, CSS, broken links, oversized mobile pages, and other common mistakes; checks all page elements. Based on analysis of the most common issues that most websites have, and development of custom software for identifying these issues.

UptimePal – Site monitoring service for periodic checking of site availability, performance, and content validation. Real time dashboard includes response times by monitoring location, pie chart of uptime percentage, and logs detailing performance, quality and alert listings. 15 worldwide monitoring locations available. Receive instant alerts via email, text/SMS, phone call.

Testomato – Automated SaaS-based web site monitoring/testing in the cloud from Lab s.r.o. Paid plans can run tests as often as every 5 minutes; free plan available that is limited to executing tests once per day

Monitor.Us – Free website, network, server, mobile and open API monitoring services from Monitor.Us. Monitor all areas of you IT system with a single-view dashboard and have complete visibility of your infrastructure with cloud based monitoring tools. Monitoring frequency – every 30 mins, from two different locations; history available for 24 hrs. Premium $$ service also available.

SuperMonitoring – An online tool for monitoring website uptime, its content and basic functions. 60 second checking frequency. Instant email and mobile text (SMS) alerts. Powered by Superheroes.

Monitive Website Monitoring Service – Monitoring services for websites, MySQL, FTP, POP3, IMAP, DNS and many other. Periodically checks a site from multiple worldwide locations and sends notifications when they go down via SMS text, email or Twitter DM. It also monitors performance by measuring server connect, transmit and response times, executes automatic diagnosis, sends weekly reports, displays charts and more.

Check my Website – A SaaS service from Novateek SARL to remotely monitor website availability and performance every minute (or less) from various locations around the world. Notifications via email and SMS are fired when problems occur. Site screenshots included in reports. Free service also available for Open Source projects and non profit organizations.

Uptrends Website Monitoring – Service from Uptrends LLC to monitor websites, servers, transactions, performance, SSL Certificates and more from a global and end-user perspective, all from the cloud.

GotSiteMonitor – Web site uptime monitoring service from Vannet Technology provides five free website monitors with 5-minute monitoring interval. Monitor website downtime/slowness, track website performance, check webpage content, check SSL secure certificate. Free limited phone/sms alert credits. 12 monitoring locations across 4 continents. Flexible monitoring location configuration. Upgrades available to paid plans.

Sentinel – Comprehensive web site monitoring tool from Reflective Solutions. Simultaneously monitors multiple system components (OS, DB servers, app servers, web servers, etc). Enables staff to easily understand problems and identify root causes. Can provide detailed historical data, trend analysis, and customizable reporting, tables and graphs. Configurable alert thresholds and notification settings. Components include controller, viewer, and resource monitor packs for a variety of OS’s, databases, web servers, and apps.

Alertfox – Real browser website and web application performance monitoring service from iOpus Inc. Supports transaction monitoring of sites that use complex HTML, AJAX, Flash, Flex, and Silverlight. In-depth root cause analysis for trouble-shooting sporadic issues.

SiteBeam – External site monitoring service from Silktide Ltd. Enterprise tool for automatically testing website accessibility, SEO, speed, spelling, cookie law, W3C compliance, check for analytics, redirections, broken links, and more. Test and compare scores between websites, e.g. competitors and peers.

SiteObservers – Monitoring services checks web site availability and performance from outside the firewall with monitoring locations worldwide.

Vantage for Server Performance – Service from Compuware examines applications, servers and databases to proactively identify performance problems. Uses agentless and agent-based monitoring and is for businesses with applications that must meet high service levels. Works with a variety of databases, middleware, ERP.

IP-label.newtest – An external availability and performance monitoring solution for internet services (websites, streaming, mail servers etc) and business applications based upon an extensive network of measurement points worldwide which provide real-time insight into how internet users experience a website.

100Pulse – Online Website Monitoring service from HIOX Web Services; free and paid services available. Monitor websites, Port and DNS Servers for availability and performance; free Instant alerts through E-mail, RSS Feed and Google gadget; analyze site’s periodic performance through graphs, charts and statistical data; periodical Reports customizable by all users

EZ Web Site Monitoring – Service can keep tabs on your website and competitor websites in one easy report. Monitor uptime, response time monitoring, weekly error checking; track keywords and popularity, and always know when it changes.

SiteUpTime – Basic plan for monitoring one web site is free; others $. Highly configurable service options, multiple monitoring locations around the world; if more than one location detects a connection failure a notification is sent.

Panopta Advanced Server Monitoring – Web site monitoring service and outage management system from Panopta LLC for online businesses and service providers, with the ability to detect outages immediately, provide notifications, and provide a team the right tools to resolve the outage quickly. Checks services every 60 seconds using global monitoring network.

Pingdom – Web site monitoring services from Pingdom AB; monitor uptime, performance, simple or complex transactions. Includes current and historical reporting; world-wide network of monitoring servers.

Site 24×7 – Monitoring of website uptime & performance from multiple geographical locations; monitor multi-step web applications or e-business transactions; monitor DNS servers & email server round-trip time; instant alerts for any downtime or threshold violations; email/SMS alerts and reports. Also available are free accounts with limited services for personal use.

WebSitePulse – Monitoring service from WebSitePulse. Simultaneous monitoring from multiple global stations; alerts sent when web page errors occur, performance thresholds are exceeded or connectivity problems are detected and verified from up to three independent monitoring resources, and when unauthorized content changes are detected. Supports cookies; monitors and verifies file size, MD5 checksum, present or missing text string. Customizable alert escalation schedules, configurable ‘Do Not Disturb’ times for contacts.

SiteMorse – External site monitoring services from SiteMorse – runs a periodic full report – clients can request to be notified if there is any change to the sites scores. Enterprise clients have the option of setting such thresholds on any one of over 300 tests.

eXternalTest – Site monitoring service from eXternalTest. Periodically checks servers from different points of the world; view what customers see with screen shots using different browsers, OSs, and screen resolutions.

internetVista – Service from Lyncos remotely monitors web sites and Internet services for availability (http, https, smtp, ftp, pop, nntp, tcp). Notifications sent via email and SMS. Monitoring centers in U.S. and Europe. Free service also available, with limited features.

Host Tracker – Site monitoring service from Host Tracker; monitor an unlimited number of resources, distributed monitoring points, possible monitoring of CGI scripts’ operation, keyword presence control, can specify keywords by regular expressions, unlimited number of addresses for server error notifications, historical statistics.

Neustar Website Monitoring – Transactional application monitoring service from Neustar. Can simulate defined web transactions, such as customer logins and purchase order fulfillment, up to every five minutes to verify application availability and performance. Scriptable alerting – can identify problems with connectivity, time-outs, SLA violations and more, plus fire off events. Utilize commonly used browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome or all; or monitor with emulated browsers. Worldwide monitoring network, using real or emulated browsers.

Vertain Monitoring Service – Services from Vertain Software include verification that web site is up and running and that users can complete multi-page transactions. Also available: Free service for up to six tests per day.

AlertBot – Monitoring service from InfoGenius, Inc. tests website availability, performance, and alerts webmaster of downtime. Also provides ftp, http, pop3, snmp, https, smtp, ip, and dns server monitoring.

1stMonitor – Site monitoring service notifies when a web site is down or new content has been posted. Easy and simple to use. Email notification. Weekly and monthly reports; instant setup.

SiteTechnician – Service of SiteTechnician LLC, identifies broken links, analyzes accessibility, reports on search engine optimization, monitors page load times and provides eight reports to help manage changes to website content over time. – Web site monitoring service from PingALink LLC; remotely monitors websites and other Internet protocol servers for availability and performance issues. Sends detailed error codes via pager, email, ICQ, etc. RFC compliant protocol checks assure valid monitoring. Extensive reporting.

AlertSite – Web site monitoring tools and services from SmartBear Software to ensure website/services/API’s are available and performing optimally. Includes mobile web monitoring capabilities using iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android, etc. Immediate notification of problems via e-mail, pager, cell, or SMS. Monitoring from multiple locations around the world. Freeand $ versions available.

elkMonitor – Service from Elk Fork Technologies for websites and other Internet servers; monitors availability and performance. Utilizing multiple test servers located on various Internet backbones, elkMonitor can alert users when sites or servers are unavailable or performing poorly. Alerts via email, pager or SMS alert.

Catchpoint Real User Monitoring – A web performance monitoring solution from Catchpoint Systems, that relies on JavaScript tags to capture the performance of the webpages for the actual end users of the site. It provides insight on the performance of the pages and its impact on the business.

Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring – Site monitoring service from Catchpoint Systems, monitors the performance of webpages, APIs, DNS, and FTP from multiple locations around the world. Provides detailed analysis that assists in quick detection of problems and quick resolution times. Includes support for Selenium transaction scripts.

AlertMeFirst – Service from Commerx Corp. reports on the performance and availability of a web site from customer’s perspective; including experience with mail server, proxy server, transaction server, databases, etc. Flexible design allows changes to monitoring profile at any time and payment is required only for services used each day.

PureAgent – Service from Minq Software that monitors response times from the agent to a server, by replaying transactions at specified intervals. This includes static and dynamic web applications as well as other server applications. Capabilities include specifying limited access for certain users (such as historical stats only), encryption of stored scenarios, and viewing/downloading of raw XML definitions of Scenarios/Activities.

Dotcom-Monitor – External website monitoring/alerting/load testing service; monitoring locations worldwide. Supports full-cycle sequential transactions; ‘macro recorder’ capabilities for setting up monitoring of complex web site processes such as online ordering; monitoring of sites, email and FTP services, DNS and router monitoring; includes a wide variety of online and downloadable reporting tools.

SiteGuardian – Site monitoring solution provides 24×7 monitoring of downtime, user experience, and application problems. Configururable notification method and intervals.

Patrol Express – Service from BMC Software continuously simulates and measures end-to-end customer web site experience. Monitors performance and availability of servers, applications and storage and network devices. Also monitors performance and availability of Web transactions. Compares performance and availability to user-defined goals.

WatchDog – Online website tracking and monitoring services from geared to small business web sites. Provides uptime and load time reports, downtime alerts, etc. Distributed monitoring from five U.S. sites.

SiteScope – HP’s (formerly Mercury’s) hosted Web-based monitoring service; agentless monitoring solution designed to ensure the availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructures including servers, operating systems, network devices, network services, applications.

Keynote Web Monitoring – Hosted performance and availability monitoring services, both synthetic and real-user. Utilizes a distributed global measurement network of hundreds of sites for comprehensive end-user coverage.Provides advanced scripting tools with functionality for complex transaction recording and ad-hoc diagnosis.

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