Online Free Tools to Monitor Site’s Uptime

Do you know when your website goes down?

Website’s availability is critical part of Business; we can’t stare at monitor for all the time.  Setting up command center and monitoring team is feasible for large organization to monitor their Website uptime but not for small – medium business, non-profit organization or personal blogger.

Your website can go down for various reason including database down or hacked. another common reason for website down can be hosting provider and that’s why you should always host your website with reliable hosting provider like SiteGround.

It’s essential for any website owner or administrator to ensure proper alerting is in place so you get notified when the website is not available.

I’ve listed the following tools, which will help you get notified in case your web URL goes down.

Following tools will help to get notified remotely when your website goes down. However, if you are looking for in-house solution then you can try PHP Server Monitor open source.

1. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot allows you to monitor up to 50 sites with interval of 5 minutes check in FREE. You may also perform basic level of defacement monitoringby monitoring keyword on a page to alert if exist or not exist.

Uptime Robot also helps you to monitor the port that means you can get notified when service like FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP or custom port goes down.


2. Site Uptime

Site Uptime under free account monitor one site with interval of 30 minutes and alert when site goes down. You can configure alert trigger after 1-5 failure.

3. Status Cake

Status Cake allow you to check your website uptime every 5 minutes under FREE account. Don’t worry if your website is password protected, you can do checks for that with basic authentication too.


4. Free Site Status

Free Site Status monitors your site from multiple locations and let you know when it’s not accessible. It also capture the website performance and present the data in nice graph. It’s recommended for personal website monitoring.


5. is now part of MONITIS and trusted by many large organizations like Adobe, eBay, Lenovo, and Siemens. In the free account, you can have 5 monitors with an interval of 15 minutes checks from 2 locations. You can also get 1 full-page load monitored in 60 minutes checks from 2 locations.



Uptimia offers website uptime checks in 5 minutes interval from 5 data centers and notifies you through email under the free account.


I like their reporting with a beautiful graph. It also shows average response time with each technical check like DNS, Connect, Send, Wait, and Receive.


7. Insping

Monitor two website with insping in absolutely FREE to receive instant notifications and in-depth reporting when your website goes down. If you are looking for web hook integration or get notified on slack then this is something out of the box with insping.


8. DOM Alert

Under free account with DOMAlert, you can monitor for up status, response time.

9. Uptime Doctor

Monitor 5 websites, every one-minute in free with uptime doctor. You can either choose to get notified through email or receive push alerts on android or iOS device.

10. Monitority

Get notified by email or SMS when your site goes down with Monitority.


11. Pingdom

This list wouldn’t complete without Pingdom. One of the most popular monitoring services and you can monitor one website in FREE. A beautiful reporting and response time history.


12. Binary Canary

Binary Canary let you monitor website in 15 minutes frequency and notify when your website is not reachable. You can monitor HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, etc.

13. AppBeat

Monitor in 5 minutes of interval and historical data saved for a month. AppBeat notify you 100 times in a month under FREE account and you can integrate with slack or pager duty.


14. Happy Apps

Keep your apps happy with uptime monitoring by HappyApps. You can add checks like web, reddis, mongo, elastic search, ping, socket, etc and even if it’s password protected. Reporting is cool where you can check availability, response time and incident report.


I hope above tools will help you to setup monitoring for your website and have the proper notification in place so you know the first if it goes down.

Thank you Chandan Kumar from

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