Page Speed Testing Tools

(This section is oriented to tools that focus on client-side performance of web pages; sometimes this is referred to as ‘page performance testing’ or ‘front end performance testing’.)

Google Page Speed Insights – Free online tool from Google for page speed analysis – fetches a url twice, once with a mobile user-agent, and once with a desktop-user agent, and measures how the page can improve its performance for 1) above-the-fold load: elapsed time from the moment a user requests a new page and to the moment the above-the-fold content is rendered by the browser and 2) full page load: elapsed time to the moment the page is fully rendered by the browser. Since the performance of a network connection varies considerably, only the network-independent aspects of page performance are considered: server configuration, HTML structure of a page, and its use of external resources such as images, JavaScript, and CSS. Suggestions for improvement are then provided, in priority order.

ShowSlow – An open source tool that helps monitor various website performance metrics over time by collecting web performance data and showing it in aggregated form for better business understanding. Captures the results of YSlow, Page Speed, WebPageTest and dynaTrace AJAX rankings and graphs them, to aid in understanding how various changes to your site affect its performance. Downloadable version and on-the-web versions available.

Dotcom-Monitor – Web site page performance and monitoring services utilize multiple worldwide locations. using real desktop or mobile browsers. Collects analytics re page speed and performance. When an issue is detected, a traceroute is performed and a screen capture and code snippet are saved for your review. Also provides longer term trend analysis. For IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari mobile, Android Chrome. Free basic ‘Dotcom-Monitor Website Speed Test’ available. – Open source website speed and performance tool by Peter Hedenskog collects data from multiple pages on your website; rules-based analysis; results to HTML or Graphite. Timings based on your local machine browser(s); supports Chrome & Firefox. Built on top of YSlow, PhantomJS, Bootstrap.

Webpagetest – An online page performance analysis/testing tool that was orginially developed by AOL for use internally and was open-sourced in 2008, now being developed and supported by Patrick Meenan. The online version is an industry collaboration with various companies providing the testing infrastructure for testing a site from across the globe. Highly configurable. Provides web page content analysis, performance analysis, various performance scores. API’s available for scripting.

GTMetrix – Online web page speed analyzer, from Gossamer Threads, Inc. Includes test results from other tools such as Google Page Speed and Yahoo! YSlow, checks one page at a time and provides page preformance analysis report and suggestions for improvement. Capabilities include saving of results over time and trend graphs/reports, automated periodic monitoring/alerting of one or more URL’s, monitoring from multiple locations worldwide, etc. Free and $ versions available.

PageSpeed Tools – A family of tools from Google, designed to help optimize website performance. PageSpeed Analysis tools enable web-based analysis of a page and provides feedback to help identify performance suggestions and best practices that can be applied to a site, and PageSpeed Optimization tools can help automate the process.

CA App Synthetic Monitor – Web performance monitoring tool from CA Technologies; synthetic transaction monitoring solution that provides end-to-end transaction response-time visibility into cloud, mobile and Web applications. Replicate real-user transactions from 90+ monitoring stations in over six continents, 48 countries, 93+ cities and 15 different time zones to provide timely insights. Monitor key APIs/services, including third-party services. On-premises inside-firewall option also available for monitoring within your data center.

YSlow – Open source page speed analysis tool originally from Yahoo analyzes web pages and explains why they’re slow based on rules for high performance web sites. Available as extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera; as bookmarklet on mobile; nodejs: Command line for HAR files powered by Node.JS and NPM; phantomjs; Command line with headless WebKit powered by PhantomJS; nodeserver: Node.JS Server powered by Express. Includes a Performance report card, HTTP/HTML summary, list of components in page and related info, tools including JSLint. Generates a grade for each rule and an overall grade, lists suggested specific changes to improve performance, calculates total size of page for empty and primed cache scenarios, cookie info. Can also view HTTP response headers for any component.

AppViewWeb – Cloud-based page performance analysis/testing tool from AppNeta that provides visibility into the network performance of web applications. Script user actions up to 20 steps with easy to use recorder. Monitor any application, immediately, from multiple global monitors. Store high-detail 5-minute checks for 30 days, and trending performance data for up to a year.

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