Ransomware Removal & Checker Tools to Rescue your PC


Is your PC infected with Ransomware? Explore these tools to check and remove the malware.

Ransomware cost $1 billion this year and 48.3% users were attacked by encryption ransomware last year.

What is Ransomware?

As the name says – it’s computer malware which gets installed on victim’s PC to lock or encrypt the data, and they demand you to pay (ransom) to decrypt it.

There are multiple types of ransomware and mostly categorized in three levels.

  • Low risk – fake antivirus tool pretends to find malware and ask for money to fix it.
  • Medium risk – lock the browser or screen and claim to be from the legal entity and mentioned that you need to pay fine as they detect some illegal activity from your PC.
  • Dangerous – encrypt the data and demand for money to decrypt it back.

Checkout 27 screenshots of real ransomware

So, you see once data is encrypted; you need to find the right tool/service who can help you in decrypting.

As a precautionary, one should always keep OS, software up-to-date and use basic antivirus/firewall/security to prevent from being hacked.

Do you know what kind of malware is injected on your PC?

I know it’s scary but don’t worry, the following services will be able to help you with that.

Ransomware Checker & Removal Tools

  • 1. ID Ransomware
  • 2. No More Ransom
  • 3. Spyware Scanner
  • 4. Trend Micro
  • 5. Kaspersky
  • 6. Avast
  • 7. VirusTotal
  • 8. Emsisoft
  • 9. McAfee


1. ID Ransomware

ID Ransomware helps you to check which ransomware has encrypted the data. You need to upload the sample encrypted file and note which shows the name and payment information.


It detects for more than 250 types of ransomware, and if found they may redirect you to the right direction to decrypt it.

2. No More Ransom

You would require uploading the encrypted file (not larger than 1 MB) to No More Ransom, and they will advise if there is a solution available to decrypt the file.


However, if you know your PC is infected with the following ransomware, then you may download decrypting tool.

  • Shade
  • Rakhni
  • WildFire
  • Rannon
  • CoinVault
  • Teslacrypt
  • Chimera

3. Spyware Scanner

Spyware Scanner by Enigma specifically helps you to find if infected with LeChiffre, CryptoLocker ransomware. In the free version, you can scan your PC and if found you need to buy the Spyhunter’s malware removal tool.

4. Trend Micro

You may use Trend Micro’s Screen Unlocker tool if infected with “Lock Screen” malware. There are two scenarios for lock screen issue.

  1. Blocking normal mode but safe mode with networking still accessible
  2. Blocking both normal and safe mode

If your file is encrypted with the following ransomware, then you may also use Trend Micro’s Ransomware file decryptor.

  • Crysis
  • Crypt
  • TeslaCrypt
  • SNSLocker
  • 777
  • LeChiffre
  • Numucod
  • Chimera
  • MirCop
  • Jigsaw
  • DXXD
  • BadBlock
  • Autolocky
  • Stampado

Refer to official document for a step-by-step guide and updated list of ransomware.

5. Kaspersky

NoRansom project by Kaspersky has a number of decryption tools to rescue from ransomware to get your data back.

  • Bitcryptor
  • Vandev
  • Xoris
  • CoinVault
  • Fury
  • Lortok
  • Cryakl
  • Wildfire
  • Shade
  • Lamer
  • And much more…

As always, there is no guarantee, but you got to try to see if that works for you.

6. Avast

Avast got 11 decryption tools to fight with the ransomware. If your PC is a victim of that ransomware, then don’t pay the money instead download and decrypt yourself.


7. VirusTotal


VirusTotal is one of the most popular services to check your file for all kind of malware, Trojans, worms, viruses. Maximum file size supported is 128MB.

VirusTotal would be useful to scan any suspicious files.

8. Emsisoft

Emsisoft got the bunch for decryption tools to help you to recover your files. You can download the one you need without paying the ransom.

  • NMoreira
  • OzozaLocker
  • Globae2
  • Globe
  • Al-Namrood
  • FenixLocker
  • Fabiansomware
  • Philadelphia
  • Stampado
  • ApocalypseVM
  • HydraCrypt
  • DMALocker2
  • Gomasom
  • LeChiffre
  • KeyBTC
  • Radamant
  • CryptoDefense

9. McAfee

McAfee got free decryption tools as well for Shade, Wildfire.


As a best practice, one should always consider backup strategies and use the right antivirus/anti-malware software on your PC.

The following should keep your PC protected.

Thank you Chandan Kumar from

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