Here is a List of some favorite Sourcing, Internet Research, and Social Recruiting Tools and Resources.

Organize Add-Ons in Chrome



Capturing Web Content

  • Save to Google – just for saving pages and images
  • Evernote – powerful app – capture and organize content from the web


Scraping, Parsing, Filtering, and Sorting

  • Outwit Docs – “download manager.” It can save documents referenced on a web page (such as the Google search results for Excel or PDF files); sort them by the size and date; keep for processing offline
  • Outwit Hub – advanced web scraping tool. It parses and collects data on web pages, in cases where there are lists of similar entries. Highly customizable
  • Email Extractor – one of many similar email extraction tools; paste some text in the box, and it will extract email addresses
  • A newer (maybe better?) Extractor – EmailDrop
  • Scraper  – get data out of pages into spreadsheets
  • Dataminer – scraper, with crowd-created rules for getting info from different sites – including LinkedIn search, for example

People Aggregators (Paid)

People aggregators are systems that collect social data about the same professional across the web into one profile and allow users to search within the aggregated database of these profiles

  • Dice Open Web (Former theSocialCV – acquired by Dice)
  • Talentbin (Acquired by, which has been, in turn, acquired by Randstad)
  • Hiringsolved (Covers all locations and all industries – it is my favorite aggregator; is included in the Premium Sourcing Guidebook Subscription)
  • Swoop Talent
  • Entelo (Great tool for those looking for candidates in IT/software; good precision, attractive UI; extra features include diversity search)
  • AmazingHiring (IT Candidates. Interesting filter – “find those not on LinkedIn”)
  • Hiretual – a mix of a people aggregator, a “Boolean Builder”, auto-search based on a job description, machine-learning-based profile analytics, & more – a new tool with an ambitiously wide set of features, oriented toward a new recruiter

Social Lookup

  • Rapportive (owned by LinkedIn) – finds the LinekdIn profile based on an email address
  • – see social profiles in Gmail – plays nicely with Rapportive
  • Hunter – has a database of email addresses found on the web (and it tells us where!), predicts email addresses based on the database
  • FullContact – add-on for Gmail, showing social profiles. They also have a, where you can upload lists of email addresses and social contacts. They have accumulated an enormous database of contact and social data. The accuracy can be improved
  • Clearbit – similar to FullContact
  • Prophet – tries to guess and verify the work email address
  • FindThatLead – similar to Prophet
  • Facebook Graph Search Shortcuts by Michael Buzzel at
  • Stalkface – Facebook Graph-based, digging deeper into researching a person (scary level of detail!)
  • LeadIQ – capture a profile, add email and social links, save to Google Drive (25 credits at the link)
  • (what’s left of) Connectifier Social Links

Contact Verification

These tools all work on the same principle, “asking” the server whether a particular email address exists, without sending an email. This type of checking works only with servers that support that:

Email Tracking

Social Job Distribution

Real Time Search / Social Media Monitoring

Real-time social search:


Tools by Shane McCusker

Search in the Past

People and Company Search

  • Zoominfo – a veteran site among professional search sites, still going strong. Collects professional information, including job titles, employers, and contact info, on the web
  • (former) Jigsaw, now, owned by Salesforce – “business card exchange” – mostly used by sales professionals. It offers “Business card” data in exchange for the user’s data or pay
  • Link Silicon Valley – a lesser known aggregator of news and executive profiles in the Silicon Valley. Limited free use
  • Whois – not a people search tool, but rather checking who has registered a given site. In some cases, such as for newer, smaller companies, it’s the only place to locate the contact info

People Finders

People search that combines data from searching the open web, social sites, and public data. These sites make money by referring visitors to paid sites. (Don’t go to those paid sites, unless you are certain.)  There’s no need to use them all, just pick a favorite.

  • Zabasearch – one of the older People Finders; seems to show more phone numbers than some other sites
  • Pipl –works internationally; checks usernames
  • Radaris
  • Namechk – checks usernames across networks

Company Research

International Social Networks

Free Resume Search

  • – large volume of resumes. Check their site for resume search in many countries. Has a robust advanced search dialog – it’s best to use it to search (there’s little benefit to X-Raying). The challenge is that there’s no contact info
  • TheLadders – it was initially oriented toward executes, went from free to paid to free again, and now has a variety of profiles, not just executives


Global Search Engines

“General” Tools

URL Shortening

File Storage and Sharing

“Social” Tools

Automation/Scheduling for Social Media Management


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