Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt

I wanted to make a list of Web Hosting providers who are in favor for supporting letsencrypt. This means they have to support shared hosting too, not just the obvious vps/dedicated whom already have root access and can do it themselves. Most can be contacted via [email protected] requesting them to add support for it including on their shared hosting if they provide it, or bug them on social networking like twitter or facebook.

There is a cpanel addon that is planned for any hosting company that is interested: – Please vote this up since this will likely increase the awareness of

Why make this list? To directly point out who cares about online privacy and who doesn’t.

Web Hosting Providers Let’s Encrypt Support Status

This is a community maintained list and does not guarantee implementation.

Providers that Enable Let’s Encrypt and Redirect HTTP->HTTPS by Default

This this the best support of Let’s Encrypt’s mission “to create a more secure and privacy-respecting Web.”

  • None verified yet. Please add here.

Web Hosting Providers with Let’s Encrypt Support




Dedicated Hosting:

  • All Dedicated/VPS hosting supports installation. This is not a link directory page.

No Planned Support:

  • (Source)
  • (maybe anytime in the future, via support chat)
  • Amazili-communication (Not a hosting company)
  • (DomainFactory – no plans to support LE, Source in German159)
  • (tech support said ‘no plans and you can buy our SSL’)
  • (via email reply from customer support; LE can be installed manually)
  • (no plans to support LE)
  • (‘no plans’, via live chat)
  • (tech support said ‘no plans’)
  • (no plans, via live chat)
  • (Source488)
  • Linode (doesn’t offer shared hosting)
  • (Source1.3k)
  • (no plans to support LE)
  • (no plans to support at all, except unmanaged vps – via support chat)

I will continue to watch the list and verify links :wink:

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